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Queenskitchen.in has brought for you, a unique recipe competition

Forgotten and Regional Recipe Contest 2019

In this fast-food age, there are many traditional and regional dishes which are very fast-forgotten or since such dishes are so easily available in the market that we never thought that what are Ingredients of dish? What’s recipe? Which part of India they belongs to?

So "Forgotten and Regional Recipe Contest" is a humble attempt by Queen’s Kitchen family and their friends to bring back all such recipes for cooks, chefs, food-lovers/foodies via their website.

In order to participate in this competition, one needs to send recipe/method-of-making of a Forgotten or Regional dish in Gujarati or English language, in the format given in the rules, along with three photographs of the dish on Queenskitchen.in's Whatsapp number or on their e-mail.

Last date to submit your recipe: 30th April 2019

Whatsapp Number: +91-9512958584

e-mail: mail@queenskitchen.in


Forgotten and Regional Recipe Contest Rules:

1. Recipe must be vegetarian.
2. There is no bar of age, but the participant must be capable of cooking safely.
3. Submitted recipe should not be published on Queenskitchen.in website earlier, either in Gujarati or English language.
4. The recipe for making the dish preferably be described in eight to twelve steps.
5. The recipe must be sent in the following format.
Format of dish: Name of Dish, category of dish (forgotten and regional), type of Cuisine (like Gujarati, Punjabi, Surti ...), type of Course (such as Farasan, dessert, snack ...), time of preparation, time of preparation, servings (for how many people), ingredients, Tips about making, if any.
(You can visite our website to know more).
6. The quantity of ingredients to make the dish should be given in the same manner as in the gram or in the pieces.
7. You must attach three photographs of finale dish with submitted recipe. One of them will be published with recipe on websites.
8. The photograph of the dish will be sent in "Landscape" mode, Recipe with Photoshop or Edited Photographs will be rejected.
9. In case of two or more similar recipes, easy to cook and easy to understandable recipe will be upload on website.
10. In case of more than one recipes sent by same person, administration of website will decide which recipe to be put online.
11. With recipe contestant must send their full name, Address, Mobile number, E-mail address, Whatsapp number, Date of birth, profession, Name of recipe. Category of recipe (forgotten and regional).
12. the recipes selected in the competition will be kept on the website from May 1, 2019 to May 31, 2019. the first, second and third winner will be decided based on popularity of recipe via numbers of visitors and comments on recipes.
13. Apart from the first three winners, all the participants will be given a certificate of participating.
14. The first three recipients (winner recipes/) will be shared by associate friends (AtulyaVarso Magazine, Amdavadi Heritage, YESBrahm.in, Mitraa Solutions) on their own social media pages and will be published in AtulyaVarso (the quarterly magazine that highlights historical and cultural heritage of Gujarat).
15. All decisions related to the selection of the recipe or selection of the recipe will be absolute to the administrators of the Queenskitchen.in website.
16. Incomplete dishes and recipes without photographs will not be accepted.

For more information Whatsapp or e-mail us.

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