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Nutri Delight

Cuisine : Fusion

Course : Sweet, Snacks

Main Ingredients : Multigrain biscuits powder, Oats, Corn flakes

Nutri Delight

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Cooking Time : 10 - 15 Minutes

Servings : 8 - 10 Pieces

Pre-properation : Not Needed

Level of Cooking : Easy

Cooking Time : 10 - 15 Minutes

Servings : 8 - 10 Pieces

Pre-properation : Not Needed

Level of Cooking : Easy

Ingredients : (View as Check-list)

Nutri Delight : Ingredients List:

Oats: 100 gm, Corn flakes: 100 gm, Grated coconut: 50 gm, multigrain biscuits powder: 100 gm, cardamom powder: 1 tsp, Dry fruits powder (cashew nuts, almonds, pista): 25 gm, Condensed milk: 200 ml, Fresh cream: 25 gm, Gulkand: 50 gm, Coconut. Cornflakes powder for coating, for garnishing : Rose petals and almond strings

Preparation Method :

Step 1: Dry roast the oats. Cool it and coarsly crush it.

Step 2: Coarsly crush corn flakes.

Step 3:
In a mixing bowl take oats, corn flakes, grated coconut, cardamom powder, half of dry fruit powder, gulkand and mix them properly.

Step 4:
Now slowly add condensed milk to it and mix it to a rolling consistensy. 

Step 5:
In another mixing bowl take multi-grain biscuit powder and the rest of dryfruit powder. Add some fresh cream to it and mix properly. Now make small cherry sized balls from the mixture. 

Step 6:
Now take some portion of oats mixture in palm. Flatten the mixture and stuff one biscuit ball in it and roll it to a lemon sized laddoo. Make all the laddoos same way.

Step 7:
Coat the laddoos with coconut and corn flakes powder. Garnish with rose petals and almond strings.

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Very nice:-)
On 14-07-2016 By Purusharth joshi

यह अति सुन्दर व्यंजन है.बच्चों को बहुत पसंद आयेगा.इसमें प्रयुक्त बिस्किट भी पौष्टिक आटे ( सिर्फ मैंदा नहीं ) के हैं.घर के बुज़ुर्ग इसे आसानी से खा सकेंगे.अतिथियों को इसका जायका जरूर पसंद आएगा .बनाने में आसान है यह आइटम . बाज़ार में इसकी सामग्री सहज उपलब्ध है.
On 14-07-2016 By जयश्री हिम्मतलाल जोशी

Very tasty and healthy dish with simple and easily available ingredients! Thanks for sharing !!
On 14-07-2016 By Leena

An easy to cook recipe. We tried it today itself. It is worth of it.
On 14-07-2016 By Himmat Joshi

Very good ! Delicious
On 14-07-2016 By N Sahu

Very nice and great decoration , looks like delicious ever
On 15-07-2016 By Chintan vyas

Very nice
On 15-07-2016 By Chintan patel

On 14-07-2016 By Heena

Its delicious
On 14-07-2016 By Divyang Patel

Very nice and healthy dish.look also very attractive like laddoo.children also like this.
On 14-07-2016 By Ranjana Agrawal

Very nice
On 14-07-2016 By Amruta Thakkar

So healthy,, full of nutrition and so easy and quick to prepare.. simply loved it.... Thanks for sharing....
On 14-07-2016 By Rajvi Shah

On 14-07-2016 By Manas finix

Tasty & yammmmy
On 14-07-2016 By Haresh pandya

Very delicious & tasty. I very like it.
On 14-07-2016 By Divya Pandya

Very yummy. Very nice
On 14-07-2016 By Himanshu pandya

On 14-07-2016 By Devidas

Nutritious & Tasty!
On 14-07-2016 By Tripti Jain

Delicious.. yummy yummy
On 14-07-2016 By Ayesha

Nutritious & tasty!
On 14-07-2016 By Tripti

Soooo.. Yummmieeeee..
On 14-07-2016 By Sanam s Pillai

Superb really tasty & healthy
On 14-07-2016 By Pawan

Very nice recipe
On 14-07-2016 By Vipul joshi

Very healthy dish & very good
On 14-07-2016 By Amruta Thakkar

Nice healdhy snack
On 14-07-2016 By Aalekha

Its very easy to make and healthy dish.
On 14-07-2016 By Rahul M

Its very easy to make and delicious in taste.
On 14-07-2016 By Ram Asati

Very Delicious !!! I tried today itself ; Superlike .!!
On 14-07-2016 By Sachin Sable

Healthy & Yummy....👌
On 15-07-2016 By Chetan Khatik

Healthy & Yummy....👌
On 15-07-2016 By Chetan Khatik

delicious, easy and healthy recipe. good for kids when they want to munch something.
On 18-07-2016 By Rachana Vyas



Hemali Joshi

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